Self Care and Travel

Self Care and Travel

With back to school upon us, self-care for moms is a ubiquitous topic on social media and even the news. We are told everyday in the media we should be taking care of ourselves. Sounds simple enough, right? But what does self-care look like, and how can we really do it? Sometimes seeing past the stress to even know what we want to do is hard. Like any other task, breaking down possibilities into smaller segments is a fantastic approach.

Start small: how can I rest today? This week?

This month? In the next six months?

For today, try taking a walk. Unplug the phone. If you have small kids, even just a lap around the block with the stroller or putting on some dance music in the house can do wonders. If you are working, maybe a quick walk outside at lunch or an outdoor spot for an afternoon coffee break will help. Be sure you take those lunches and coffee breaks! The daytime downtime is important. A few times a month try to schedule a date with a friend or your significant other. Not everything has to cost money – simply going to a park, the beach, or a walk around the neighborhood will give you a chance to talk and reconnect.

Happy Coffee

My neighbor and I walk in the mornings after she drops her kids at the bus
– it gives us an hour or so to exercise and chat, before she’s off to start her workday. My husband and I try to go out to dinner a few times a month. We talk about the mundane but we always try to add in a “hopes and dreams” section in our conversations. It’s fun and helps us stay focused on each other. It’s so easy to get caught up the day-to-day demands of work, kids, house, stress.

Photo of Woman Wearing Pink Sports Shoes Walking

One of my favorite self-care opportunities is taking experiences with the family. My husband and I try to get away once a year overnight just the two of us. We are fortunate to have parents who are able to stay with our kids. We don’t always do something big – sometimes it’s a hotel in our city, sometimes a neighboring city, sometimes it’s a big bucket list trip like a cruise. If family isn’t available, see if you can swap childcare with a friend. It takes a little planning and coordination, especially if you have special
needs kids, but it’s worth the time and effort.

Two Person Holding Hands While Sitting on Grey Cushion

The last planning point for self-care is to dream big! What’s your bucket list item? Maybe a family trip to Europe. Or Disney World. A beautiful beach somewhere. The mountains in the fall.

Travel has a way to refocus our priorities and connect the family. My very favorite thing about travel destinations is seeing families (multigenerational, teens, toddlers, parents) connect. They are walking
through the theme parks laughing, talking, and enjoying their time together. In more exotic travel locales, many phone plans don’t work so there is an absolute disconnect from daily life.

Here are a few ideas for long-term planning:
– Take a trip to Beaches (with family or friends) or Sandals with your significant other. Everything is included but your airfare, leaving with you nothing to worry or think about.

– Cruises – something for everyone. Activities for kids, a spa, deck sports, shows, and amazing food. Unpack once, visit many locations!

Girl Enjoying on Beach

– Disney/Universal/Sea World – perfect for families, multigenerational trips, and even adults. My husband and I enjoyed a 24 hour date at a Disney Resort before grandma brought the kids down. It was amazing.

– Living With the Magic is hosting a Girls Getaway Weekend in April 2020. I went last year with my college sorority sisters – we celebrated 20 years of friendship! There is something special about spending time with your village.

This weekend, set a short term goal to look at the calendar and see what’s open. Make a plan for short and long term self-care. Together we can strengthen our human connections, relax and refresh!

Let’s get excited, plan a trip, and I’ll See Ya Real Soon!

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Grand Getaways Travels

Grand Getaways Travels

At Living With The Magic Vacations…we love Disney. I mean, I think it’s pretty obvious! We are mostly Disney fanatics and some of us vacation almost exclusively at Disney. BUT we know that there are some pretty amazing vacation destinations around the world and our clients want to see those too! Did you know that we can book nearly any destination in the world!? That we don’t JUST do Disney??

That’s why I’m excited to share with you, Grand Getaways Travel, a division of Living With The Magic Vacations!

What does that mean exactly? It’s the same great group of travel planners that you are used to, the same attention to detail, the same partner on your side helping you plan Grand and Magical Vacations…just to different destinations!!

Here are just some of the vacations we can book!

  • Universal Orlando
  • Sea World Orlando
  • Legoland
  • Busch Gardens
  • Sesame Place
  • Hershey Place
  • Royal Caribbean Cruise Line
  • Princess Cruise Line
  • Norwegian Cruise Line
  • Carnival Cruise Line
  • Holland America
  • Viking River Cruises
  • Ama Waterways
  • Trafalgar Tours
  • Tauck
  • Yankee Holidays
  • Amtrak Vacations
  • Alaska Railroad
  • Sandals & Beaches
  • Karisma Resorts
  • Hard Rock Resorts

Plus so much more! We can put together custom vacations with hotels and activities almost anywhere in the world!

Disney Cruise Line vs Carnival Cruise Line

Disney Cruise Line vs Carnival Cruise Line

There are a lot of choices to make when deciding to take a cruise. How many nights, what ports, what ship and what might be most important, what cruise line? Two of the more popular lines are Carnival Cruise Line and Disney Cruise Line as both have received high marks for their family programs on board their ships. What line makes the most sense for the vacation you envision? Continue reading to find out!