Working With Us

Never worked with a travel agent before? Always wondered how it works?

We’ve put together a list of the top questions we receive from new clients!  While these might cover a lot of the questions you have too, feel free to contact us with any additional you may have!

Q: If I don’t pay you, who does?
A: We make our commission directly from the suppliers (ie. Disney World, Sandals, etc.). That commission is built into the price of your vacation whether you utilize my service or not, so there’s no reason not to take advantage of my help!

Q: I have the whole internet at my disposal, why do I need you?
A: I provide you with customer service that the internet simply cannot. I will be your point of contact at all times. The internet is overwhelming and often includes confusing, outdated, or incorrect information. You are my client, and I care about your vacation. Not to mention all the time I can save you!

Q: I’ve picked a destination, but I know nothing about it! Will I annoy you with all of my questions?
A: Of course not! Travel is my favorite thing to talk about! Whether through​ email, phone calls, or video chats I’m ready to answer any question you’ve got!

Q: How early should I contact you before I wish to travel?
A: As soon as possible! The sooner we get things started, the more options you will have! Even if booking isn’t available for your time frame yet, I will be on the lookout and contact you as soon as it does

Q: What if I need to cancel?
A: Every supplier has its own terms and conditions, and I will make sure you are well aware of them. Life happens, and plans change. No reason to feel awkward about having to cancel!​ ​ Hopefully, I will have more than proven my worth, and when it’s time to travel again, I will be waiting!

Q: How can I be sure I’m getting the best price?
A: We only use reliable and secure suppliers. We are always keeping tabs on discounts. ​Travel agents have access to quickly find deals and special offers that may not be clearly visible for you to find in your searches. If applicable, we can help apply a discount even after you’ve booked.

Q: What if I enjoy planning?
A: Then plan you shall! But by booking with me, that means I am always here to answer any questions, keep an eye out for discounts, send along some tips and help with any emergencies!​ ​ And as a small business, I do a happy dance with every booking!