Let’s face it, if we learned anything from the pandemic, it’s that we need to take more time for ourselves! Women everywhere are burnt out! Whether you are a mom to younger kids or your kids have flown the nest…whether you are working a traditional 9-5, or are working from home, balancing work, life, and family can be stressful and we often don’t take the time we need. What’s that old saying? You can’t pour from an empty cup? Well, it’s true and I’m here to share with you 5 reasons you need Girls’ Weekend!



Reconnect with Friends

One of the first things that tend to be put by the wayside when we get busy is our friendships. Wouldn’t it be nice to spend a whole weekend with your besties? Maybe you no longer live locally to each other or maybe you both have been so crazy busy between work meetings, soccer practice, dr. appointments and….grocery shopping, that you haven’t had more than 5 minutes to spend time with each other. During a Girl’s Getaway Weekend, you won’t be interrupted by the kid’s school calling, your boss checking in on that project or…grocery shopping! You can sit all day, side-by-side, with your bestie and reconnect!

It’s good for your kids

No, I’m serious!! It’s good for your kids (and husbands) to figure it out without you! They can make the school lunches, they can let Dad (or the Grandparents) pick them up from soccer…or gasp, go grocery shopping! I promise everyone will be ok without you for a few days (and maybe even appreciate you a bit more)!



Travel is good for the soul

There is no doubt that returning for a luxurious weekend in the tropics will leave you rested and relaxed, but there is something to be said for traveling to a new country, meeting new people, and everything you experience along the way! Travel broadens our horizons and leaves us with a feeling of contentment that going to the grocery store just can’t! There are studies that show there are actual health benefits from visiting the ocean!

Make new friends

Heading off to a weekend away with like-minded women, who share the same triumphs (and struggles) as you, can lead to connections you never knew you needed! A little joy with new friends might be just what the dr. ordered!

It’s good, plain, FUN!

Ok so maybe reason 5 isn’t really a reason…but so what! Girls’ Weekends are just plain fun and you don’t need a specific reason to go on one! Head the beach…or don’t…enjoy a fruity cocktail…or don’t….relax with a spa treatment…or don’t…Girls Weekends are about YOU!! Have all the fun, do all the things…..or don’t! Take a nap, sleep in…or just BE.

Learn more about our Girls Getaway Weekend, happening October 5-9, 2023 in Montego Bay Jamaica!!




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