If you didn’t hear, I’m excited to share that as of later this month, Disney Cruise Line is dropping pre-Covid testing requirements for most guests! Many of my clients have been waiting for this to book their next cruise as the idea of showing up to the cruise and being turned away would be too much of a disappointment and far too stressful!

I totally get it!

A Disney Cruise Line vacation can be overwhelming, especially if you’ve never sailed! Today I wanted to share the Top 5 Questions I get when planning a Disney Cruise Vacation!

Owner, Living With The Magic Vacations

In no particular order…

5-It’s so expensive…what’s included?

Disney Cruise Line vacations can be expensive…but what vacation isn’t expensive these days? It’s all about value, and Disney Cruise Line offers the MOST value of any cruise line out there! It’s possible to board a Disney Cruise and spend NO money and still have a wonderful time! There are a few things you’re likely to spend money on though…

-Port Adventures excursion
-Spa and salon services
-Babysitting in our ship’s nurseries (kids ages 3 and up have complementary kids clubs!)
-Onboard photography service (you can pre-purchase packages to get a discount!)
-Alcoholic beverage (Disney offers a daily discounted drink of the day, wine and beer packages to help you save)
-Adults-only dining venues, Palo (aboard all ships) and Remy (aboard the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy).

Remember these are all OPTIONAL and there is so much included!

-Breakfast, lunch and dinner
-Soft drinks served at meals and at each ship’s beverage station
-Snacks and ice cream throughout the ship
-Disney Character Meet & Greets
-Entertainment including live Broadway-style productions at the Walt Disney Theatre as well as Disney movie classics and current first-run films at the Buena Vista Theatre

4- I think I’ll just be bored all day…what’s there even to do?

Several years ago I was answering this question for my husband. He was sure he’d be bored and didn’t understand why I would want to go on a cruise. After a 3-night intro sailing, he was hooked and now it’s his favorite kind of vacation! Here are his favorite things to do aboard Disney Cruise Line!

-Spend time in the adults only areas of the ship! From Cove Cafe for his daily iced coffee’s, to Satellite falls, he loves to spend time without the kids for a bit!
-BINGO!! This does have an additional cost but it’s a great way to spend an hour as a family
-Trivia happens several times a day with different themes…some adult only and some kids but they are a blast!
-Meeting Characters…ok maybe not HIS favorite but he does love to hang out with the kids while they meet all their favorites!
-Broadway style shows…hands down his FAVORITE thing about a Disney Cruise vacation!!

You can be as busy as you want on a Disney Cruise vacation…spend the day at the pool or fill your schedule with activities. It’s up to you!

3- Do I need a passport?

This one is tricky because the requirement and my answer are TWO different things! For most close-looped cruise (starting and ending at the same U.S. port) you can use just your birth certificate.

HOWEVER (and that’s a big HOWEVER)

If something happens, a medical emergency for instance, you are going to want your passport (and travel insurance) for a safe and timely return to the U.S. Without a passport you can (and will) be stranded in another country!

2- How are the Disney Cruise ships different? How do I know which to pick?

Great question!! That’s where I come in! With 11 sailings under my belt (and counting) I can help you pick the perfect ship! Disney currently has FIVE ships to pick from (with more coming). Sometimes the itinerary will dictate the ship (for instance, if you are traveling to Europe or Alaska, you’ll automatically be on one of two ships) but if you are heading to the Caribbean, we’ll have more choices and it may come down to ships.

Maybe you’ll enjoy the newest ship in the fleet, the Disney Wish, with some amazing enhancements and features (like themed dinners, a slide into the kids clubs and the brand new Aquamouse, coaster at sea) Or maybe you are looking for a smaller, more intimate ship to start out? I can help you figure out the best ship for your family, when the time comes!!

1- What’s so special about a Disney Cruise vacation vs. other cruise lines?

I’m glad you asked!! I could give you a top 5 on what makes Disney Cruise Line special…maybe we’ll save that for another day!! For us, we choose Disney Cruise over and over because of the amazing food, adult only areas, Broadway style shows, kids clubs…but most of all, for the Cast Members. They are what truly make our vacations magical! From the bar staff, to the kids clubs and our dining room servers that travel each night with us, it wouldn’t be the same without them!!

I’d love to chat more with you about a Disney Cruise vacation! Just reply to this email to start chatting!

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