I’ll admit it…I’m not a fan of sneak peeks. Upon finding out that I was going to be sailing on the pre-inaugural Disney Wish sailing, I tried avoiding as many spoilers and sneak peeks as I could! I have a serious love/hate relationship with the internet and really wanted to experience the Wish for the first time, with my own two eyes (and ears)! As much as I tried to avoid this, there were a FEW things I heard about in advance…one of which was that Disney Cruise Line had changed up the layout of the pool deck. Much like a lot of things to do with Disney, this was met with disappointment and complaints…before most people even set sail! I set out to keep an open mind and let me say…I’m glad I did!

On the previous 4 Disney Cruise ships, the layout was very similar. There was an adult-only pool located forward, with 1-2 additional pools located Aft. These spaces were specifically laid out based on ages with a pool or splash area for toddlers, a family pool and the adult only. These spaces felt purposeful and separate which always seemed to work well!

Goofy Pool aboard the Disney Magic
Donald and Mickey Family Pool aboard the Disney Fantasy

For the Disney Wish, the approach and aesthetic was completely changed…and I’ll be the first to admit, that I loved it! The layout involves size smaller pools in the main family area of the pool deck. The wonderful thing is that for deck parties, only TWO of these pools need to be covered up. The rest of these pools are located in a tiered, stadium approach which was awesome for watching movies on Funnel Vision!

Here you can see 5 of the pools! The top two are the deepest with a depth of 4’6″. The middle row was more shallow at a depth of around 2′ deep with a cascading waterfall. The lowest two pools are the largest of the two, and the two are covered up during parties. These separate pools made for a much calmer experience than what I’ve seen before aboard a Disney Cruise…and we aren’t even done yet!

On Deck 14 you’ll find a quiet pool, with a shallow depth of 2′ but with gorgeous views, tons of deck chairs, and manned by a lifeguard! Have kiddos with sensory issues? This is the perfect spot for a little R&R!

On Deck 11, you’ll find the Toy Story Splash Zone, perfect for the little ones that aren’t ready to swim yet.

You’ll also find another splash pool, Trixie’s Falls as well as Slide-a-Saurus-Rex, for anyone 38″ or taller!

Looking for a more thrilling waterslide? For those 42″ or taller, be sure to check out the AquaMouse…and because I don’t love spoilers, I won’t share anymore about this AMAZING attraction at sea!

And don’t worry… Disney has NOT forgotten the adults! The Quiet Cove has moved to Deck 13! On the way to the Quiet cover, you’ll find a variety of chairs, loungers, and sunbeds! Plus a Whirlpool!

Located Deck 13 aft, you’ll find 2 tiled seating areas with gently cascading water and a shallow pool. With amazing views of the ocean, we found this spot to be perfectly tucked away.

Nestled in between these areas is Disney Cruise Lines first infinity pool. We found this area a bit crowded but as this wasn’t an official sailing and was overrun with adults, we’ll save our judgement for next time!

Plus you’ll find a bar, more seating and just around the corner, the Cove Cafe for delectable coffee drinks (and sadly no treats…which we hope Disney rectifies asap)!

Overall we really enjoyed the layout of the pools aboard the Disney Wish. This ship goes above and beyond with the finer details and there truly is something for everyone!

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