Sometimes you need a break. You have the best of intentions and pack in all the fun that Walt Disney World has to offer…but the heat, the rain, the overstimulation has just gotten to everyone and you need a break. Even as travel professionals, this happens! So during our last trip, which was a whirlwind 3 night/4 days, we came to a point where everyone just needed a break. They needed to not get up at the crack of down, race to their favorite rides and just have a low-key day. Honestly it’s always something we recommend to our clients, but for some reason, didn’t take our own advice! Here is the story of how we decided to skip one of our favorite parks…and go bowling!

We had grand plans! We had four full days of park time! We were going to do ALL the things…after all, it was a short trip and we needed to get in as much as possible! Here are three things you can easily forget about when trying to plan a jam packed Walt Disney World Vacation with kids:

-The lack of sleep from over-excitement the night before you leave

-The sheer amount of walking…do you know at Disney you can walk on average up to 10 miles per day

-The overstimulation of new sounds, colors…and people!

These things can play an even bigger part if you are traveling with neurodiverse kids! And we threw EVERYTHING out the window because our kids had done it all before! We would take breaks and everything would be fine…until it wasn’t. We underestimated the heat, the sounds, the RAIN…oh so much rain! So when our last night rolled around, we made a big decision. Even though we still had one day left on our park tickets and plans to spend half a day at Animal Kingdom before our shuttle bus came, we were going to cancel it all…and go bowling!

Why bowling? We wanted a fun activity that didn’t include more shopping or a ton of walking. Plus the kids had NEVER been before!

Since we were going pretty early in the day, Splitsville was very quiet, Keep in mind if you are opting to go at night, especially a weekend night, it might be busier! You can make reservations in advance, however. Since there were 6 of us, we had 90 minutes to bowl. The cost was $24 per person plus the cost of any food. Half of us had brought socks but if you forget, you can purchase socks but also they are fully sanitizing shows in between bowlers so you don’t need them if you’d prefer not to.

One of my favorite parts about bowling with the kids at Splitsville was the bumpers! They would raise when it was the kid’s turn, and lower for the adults! Plus they had assistance devices to help the kids even more! This really made them feel part of the game and kept the score a little more even.

We love finding activities for our nuerodiverse kids where they can be themselves. Here they weren’t confined to a small area, they could move around, dance, jump, stim…you name it! Plus we also ordered snacks which kept them super happy while we bowled!

Oh and did I mention they have a full bar? Drinks for mom and Dad if you want, plus lots of non-alcholic options for the kids!

We had so much fun here and this will definitely be a favorite memory for everyone! Especially my 10-year-old, who beat everyone! This was a great way to relax, unwind and have a stress-free few hours before we headed home. I will always recommend a longer vacation if possible, with fewer park days! You can have so much fun outside the parks, and this is just a small sample of what’s available!

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