It’s often hard to tell, which of Disney’s extra parties and events are worth the price tag. Currently, Disney offers five parties to view the Magic Kingdom Fireworks, Enchantment:

-Magic Kingdom 50th Fireworks Dessert Parties: Disney Enchantment Pre-Party
-Magic Kingdom 50th Fireworks Dessert Parties: Disney Enchantment After-Party
-Magic Kingdom 50th Fireworks Dessert Parties: Disney Enchantment Treats & Seats

These three parties happen right within the Magic Kingdom but there are two additional parties that happen outside the gates, therefore you wouldn’t need a theme park ticket!

-Celebration at the Top: 50th Flavors & Fireworks at Disney’s Contemporary Resort
-Ferrytale Fireworks: A Sparkling Dessert Cruise

Back in December, when I was traveling solo for work, I decided to try out one of the parties in the Magic Kingdom. Since I was traveling solo, the cost was far less than when I was traveling with my family. I opted for the Magic Kingdom 50th Fireworks Dessert Party- Disney Enchantment Pre-Party. With this party, you’ll enjoy the desserts plus an assortment of beer and wine before the fireworks start. I was seated in the lower section which meant every time I wanted to grab something, I’d have to cross the public pathway to the upper level.

Then you’ll be escorted out to the Plaza Garden area, which is only for dessert party guests for viewing! The upside to this is once the fireworks are over, you are free to leave! The downside to this is, all the guests that are attending the POST party, are accessing the Garden area before you! I found a decent spot but if I was a family of 4 (or more) it would have been more difficult. For this reason, if you are torn between these two, I’d definitely go POST!

Blurry photo of the space that was still available when I arrived to the plaza area.
The Plaza Garden area during the day

However, if you want the best experience in the park, I’d 100% say try the Treats & Seats party! For this party, you’ll be in the lower level of the Tomorrowland Terrace, with a dedicated buffet and drink stations. No matter what party you pick, you’ll be assigned a reserved table. The benefit to the Treats and Seats is, that you don’t have to leave! You’ll have your very own front-row view of the fireworks!!

For us, the reason we selected this party was twofold:

-In the case of rainy weather, which we had a lot of, this area is covered. The fireworks are rarely canceled so this gave us the opportunity to watch them, and stay dry all while enjoying champagne, beer, and delectable desserts!

-On this particular trip, I was traveling with my 2 kids, my best friend and her two kids. Two of the kids deal with some pretty serious sensory issues, anxiety, severe ADHD and/or being on the spectrum. This party gave them the space to move around, be distanced from the fireworks, and not deal with too many people, and overcrowding, plus we didn’t have to show up super early to snag seats.

Included in the price is not only your prime viewing, and reserved location, but a variety of desserts, juices, water, beer, and wine!

This party was really incredible. Everyone loved the desserts and the fireworks were just amazing as usual. I can’t recommend this party enough!!!

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