A popular question in my Universal Orlando Resort groups is “Where can I use my refillable cups?”  Universal Orlando has 2 different types of refillable cups, so it can be a little confusing to figure out the difference between the two. There is a resort refillable cup and a park refillable cup.  Both systems use a chip in the bottom of the cup to determine when your refills expire and they are both insulated cups to keep things cold or hot for you! 

The resort refillable cups are only refillable at the resort you purchase them at.  Pricing for the cup can vary depending on the number of days you’re purchasing it for. As of January 2022, the price for 1 day is $9.99, 3 days is $15.99, and 4+ days is $18.49.  If you have a cup from a previous trip that you’d like to bring, you can receive a $3 discount on the refill price.  Prices are subject to change, so be sure to check the resort when you go for current pricing.

Each resort has a variety of drinks you can use to refill your cup – coffee, soda, Powerade, lemonade, and even slushies can be found at Cabana Bay!  Close to the refill stations, you’ll find a mug washing station for you to rinse your mug out.  I prefer to purchase a small bottle of dish soap with my grocery delivery – you can bring one from home too if you’re not planning to place a grocery order.  These cups also make a great souvenir for your morning coffee when you get home!

The park refillable mugs can only be refilled by the day.  The more cups you buy, the more money you save.  As of January 2022, the price for one cup is $16.99 per cup. If you’re buying 2 cups, they are $15.99 each, and then the price goes down to $13.99 per cup when buying 3-6 cups.   Pricing can change so make sure to check for the most accurate pricing when you go to the parks. 

You will be able to find refill stations located all over the parks and there is even one in CityWalk!  There will be booths you can refill the cups at, and most quick-serve locations also have the freestyle machines to refill them at!  Note: Speciality drinks such as Butterbeer in the Wizarding World are not eligible for refills in these cups.  Once you purchase the cups, you can pay to refill them each day instead of buying a new cup each day.  As of January 2022, the price for a refill was $11.70 per cup, per day. This is a great way to save on drinks for your park days!  You can stay hydrated with Powerade, cool off with slushies, and get some soda at these machines.  They offer a park-themed one and sometimes have ride specific too like Velocicoaster or Simpsons. One super important rule to remember when using your park cups: don’t forget to dump them out before putting them in a locker when you’re going on rides!  I like to rinse them out in the bathroom and stuff a paper towel in it to collect any stray liquid.  It prevents any extra liquid from escaping while you’re on the ride, resulting in a mess inside your locker and the lockers below you!  Ice water is always free so if you have these but haven’t paid for a refill, just fill them up with water! 

Drinks can be an added expense you forget about when budgeting but these refillable cups will help you set a budget and stick to it!  Plus you get to have a fun souvenir you can actually use at home!  

Kelly VanEerden

Universal Orlando Specialist

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