In no particular order…

10. Who says theme parks are just for kids?
Universal Orlando hass so much to offer including luxury accommodations, top-rated restaurants and so much more! Universal is a top vacation destination for adults and there is good reason! Plus Universal offers amazing guest service in an incredible location!

9. The food….oh the food!
Did we say food? Oh yes, we did!! There are so many amazing restaurants to choose from, there is no shortage of great places to eat!

8. Adult beverages…drink up!
When it comes to adult drinks, Universal something for everyone! Bar Crawl at City Walk? Yes please!

Taking an adult only vacation, and having the availability of FREE transportation to and from your Universal resort means you can let loose a little and be responsible at the same time!  Delicious and safe! PLUS at Universal Orlando almost everything is within walking distance!

7.No husbands…girl time!!
Does life gets in the way of that quality time with your nearest and dearest friends? What a great excuse to get together and spend some quality time together! No kids or work for distraction, just you and your best girl friends.

6.What’s that sound…nothing! Leave the kids at home!
Sometimes even Mommies need a break! Leave the little ones at home and enjoy a  little quiet time without hearing the words “Mom” for a whole weekend!! It’s good for everyone to recharge their batteries and de-stress!

5. Big Kid Rides!
If you often travel with little one’s you might not get the opportunity to ride the big kid rides! During a Girls Only Weekend at Universal you can ride whatever you want…but especially those big kid rides! No need to worry if it’s too scary or if someone doesn’t meet the height requirement!

4. Shopping!
No kids or husbands waiting outside the store for you during a Girls Only Weekend!! You can shop to your hearts content (even if it is window shopping)!  Take your time, shop all the amazing stores and pick up your favorite souvenirs!

3 Early Park Admission
Without little one’s in tow, you don’t have to worry about dragging everyone out of bed! Head into the park 30 minutes early as a resort guests and beat the lines!

2. No Sharing
No sharing…unless you want to!! Eat your food while it’s hot, and you don’t have to hand over a single bite!! ENJOY!

1. Because we already planned it for you!!
We have rooms available during our 7th Annual Girls Getaway Weekend at Universal Orlando! Click below for pricing! We have discounted rooms, tickets and special events planned!


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