Universal Orlando has started testing a new system for getting a Virtual Line pass for Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure. They will be testing this new system through the end of July and so far it is only for one ride.  Follow these steps to make your Virtual Line pass.  Steps 1-5 only need to be completed once. 

  1. Activate your Virtual Line account at https://vltest.universalorlando.com/#.  For a smoother in-park experience, make your account before you go.
  2. Select your party size
  3. Enter your email and password- you can use your Universal account information if you already have an account for the app.
  4. Click accept and log in/create
  5. Review your selections and click confirm
  6. Click on the attraction you want to reserve
  7. Click get on and receive the time to come back

When it’s your time to go back, go to the ride entrance and click on the attraction.  That will bring up your QR code for the team member to scan.

July 7, 2021 was the first day they had this new system and it is working better for everyone.  The old system filled up quickly at the set times they released passes.  The current system allows you to make reservations at any time throughout the day and also has times that the passes expire making it flow better.  You do have to physically be in the parks, not just nearby like the previous system.

Kelly Van Eerden

Universal Orland Resort Expert

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