One of the BIGGEST questions I receive from clients wanting to take their family to Walt Disney World is, “Are my teens too old for Disney?” As a Mom of two teenage boys myself, I would say, “No, but the trip isn’t going to look like it did when they were little. It can be SO much more fun! They enjoy roller coasters and my oldest LOVES Animal Kingdom” 

The Rogers family, who have a teenage son and a pre-teen son, just returned home from an 8-day Walt Disney World vacation. They had a great vacation and their sons had so much fun playing the new Bounty Hunter game in Hollywood Studios. 

Walt Disney World’s new Magicband+ has the functionality of the previous version Magicband (unlock your resort room door, park tickets, make purchases, etc), as well as it lights up during nighttime firework shows and makes the 50th Anniversary statues talk. But, the BEST feature of the new bands is the Bounty Hunter game in Hollywood Studios’ Galaxy’s Edge. Max, The Rogers’ 14 year old son, sent me the following game description and review. 

This is where the bounty hunter wall is located. You start the experience at the screen on the left by scanning your Magicband+. This is where you go to get each new bounty. The large door on the right is where you turn in your bounty (scan your Magicband+) and receive your credits

Getting started/instructions

Example of bounty and how many credits it’s worth

Returning to the door to turn in your bounty

Face comes up and talks, and you receive your credits

There are square control panels all over Galaxy’s Edge, usually by doors. You scan your Magicband+ at these to see if your bounty is in there. Your Magicband+ is red when you are far away from your bounty and flashes green when you are getting closer to them. When you find the correct door panel, your Magicband+ turns purple. 

Max’s Review:

“For the bounty hunter wall, I find it very interesting because you have to get 20 bounties. If you can get the hang of finding the right way around right after taking the bounty, it’s pretty easy to find where it is. There aren’t a lot of places where it juts off, so it makes it easier to navigate.

One thing that I really like about the bounty hunter wall is that it doesn’t always stay the same. It randomizes the bounties where you and another person are not hunting for the same bounty person. Something I found difficult is that there are a ton of the panels, but it makes it fun to search around and find the right one.

The thing I dislike about the bounty hunter wall is that it resets everyday (we did not sync it to the Play Disney app) so it makes it more of a one and done deal. It does take a decent amount of time to complete. For me personally it took around 2 hours to finish all 20 bounties, but overall it’s pretty fun to run around and find the right door.”

Kristy Binns

Kristy Binns

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