I’ve been a huge fan of Coronado Springs for years! We’ve stayed there at least a half a dozen times but it’s been about 7 years since our last visit. A myriad of room updates and construction, plus our newfound love of Port Olreans French Quarter has kept us away…but no longer! I’m so excited that the new  15-story centerpiece of the resort will be opening July 2019!

Gran Destino Tower will serve as the new main entrance point for guests visiting the resort, and will add a total of 545 new guest rooms (including 50 suites) to the resort, as well as feature a gorgeous two-story lobby. A themed table-service restaurant is also planned for the top of Gran Destino Tower, which will serve up delicious food and incredible views of the Walt Disney World® Resort.

Plus the remaining rooms have been updated and a new  restaurants on an island in Lago Dorado will also open!  So many exciting reasons to add Coronado Springs back in our rotation!!

Reservations open 11/27/2019! Contact us today if you are interested in a quote!

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