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For me, Christmas means one very specific food- COOKIES. I have cookies for breakfast, lunch, and dinner this time of year and one of my favorite part of Christmas cookies is mixing and matching and pairing them with delicious hot beverages and ice cold glasses of milk. Epcot did not disappoint in the cookie department. The Festival of the Holidays houses special food booths that celebrate holiday food from different cultures. The cookie stroll is my kind of crawl, (I don’t have the tolerance I used to have for drinking around the world). There are five cookies scattered throughout the World Showcase Pavilion and if you eat all five, you get a completion cookie and a cold milk!


The cost of the cookies were a big positive in our group’s opinion. They are two dollars each and a manageable size for one person. Since we were tasting a lot of other food as well, my sister and I shared the cookies, so it was only a five dollar commitment for a variety of dessert. We had a nice cool day in sweaters and started our stroll on the Mexican side of world showcase. Here is my review!

Red and Green Chocolate Chip Cookie (Feast of the Three Kings, Showcase Plaza)

Red and Green Chocolate Chip Cookie

A classic start to the stroll, this cookie was a chewy chocolate chip with some very pretty chocolate drizzle and red and green sprinkles. It paired nicely with the Noche Buena Margarita (cranberry and lime with a candy cane!) at the nearby Los Posadas booth!





Peppermint Sugar Cookie (Bavaria Kitchen, Germany)

My favorite! Peppermint Sugar cookie


This was my favorite cookie by far. The sugar cookie is always my Christmas cookie choice and the addition of the peppermint swirl plus some candy cane pieces gave it a perfect little crunch! I had this with some warm mulled wine and it brought my Christmas cheer level up by a lot.





Green and White Sugar Cookie (American Holiday Table, America)
Another delicious sugar cookie, this time with some red and green decorations. To be honest it was a little too similar to the one from the Bavaria kitchen and I loved the peppermint in that one so this one was a bit of a letdown. Maybe I would have liked it more if it was spaced out on the stroll. I was in the minority of my group though. We had some non-peppermint fans. Also, I was not feeling another drink so maybe that was another reason I liked Bavaria better! Picture fail for me though, we ate this one too quickly for a photo.

Black and White Holiday Cookie (L’Chaim Holiday Kitchen between Morocco and France)

Black and White Cookie

I only live about 10 minutes from New York City where the black and white cookies are quite abundant and I have become a bit of a black and white cookie snob. I prefer them more cake-like and with just a tiny hint of lemon. This cookie delivered on one of those two criteria: the cookie was beautifully cake-like BUT maybe too much lemon. The vanilla side was delicious but the competing chocolate and lemon did not do it for me


Gold Chocolate Chip Cookie


Gold Chocolate Chip Cookie (Yukon Holiday Kitchen, Canada)

Another chocolate chip cookie, this time with gold sprinkles. Possibly even the same as the one from the Feast of the Three Kings Booth? Classic in taste with the same chewy texture that we all enjoyed.


Completion cookie! Red and Green Mickey Sugar Cookie (Showcase Plaza)

The chocolate covered ears were the best part!

This cookie definitely wins for the cutest cookie on the stroll. After the hard work of eating all five cookies, we were rewarded with this delicious Mickey shaped cookie and a cold container of Fairlife Milk really completed the challenge for us. We were stuffed from all the festival offerings but fought on and ate this treat as well. Again, it was a standard sugar cookie and the milk was a really nice touch.




Overall, we enjoyed our cookie stroll very much. The pros are numerous: it was not an expensive undertaking (10 dollars for 6 cookies and a container of milk! That is a great deal at Disney), it was nice to have the cookies dispersed throughout the festival so you could take breaks between, and all of us could participate, even the children who were with us who often get left out of the “crawls”. The cookies were also a nice size when snacks like cupcakes are often very large and too much of a sweet for one person. The cons were that the cookies were very standard and pretty similar to each other. We all agreed that a little more variety would have been appreciated throughout the countries, especially since it was only two dollars per cookie we wanted to try some more adventurous flavors.

Have you done the cookie stroll or do you enjoy tasking your way around World Showcase Pavilion? Let us know! And let us plan your next trip to Disney for delicious food offerings!

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