I will never forget my first trip to the doctor when I was pregnant. I was handed a HUGE list of “don’ts”, I could not eat lunch meat, indulge in multiple cups of coffee, go to the aerial yoga class I loved and of course, alcohol was off limits. I was super excited to be making this next step in my life, but was nervous about the changing itinerary for my October Disney trip as I would be in my second trimester. The Epcot Food and Wine festival was going to have to become the Food and Food festival. And My Rock’n Roller Coaster Fastpass was no longer a safe choice. However, with all of the “don’ts” that pregnant women deal with on a daily basis, here is a list of seven things you CAN do at Walt Disney World as an expecting mom.

Seven Things You CAN Do at Disney While Pregnant


1. You Can Eat ALL the Food

As I said, I was at Disney in October and was so excited for the Food and Wine Festival. However, I thoroughly enjoyed my version- ALL of the food. I used almost all of the snacks on our dining plan for so many delicious treats! I was all about croissants and pastries throughout my pregnancy and I indulged in more than one of these treats from the Caribbean kiosk: It is pastry filled with sweet cream cheese and guava.

2. You Can Filter Your Desired Attractions

The Disney website offers a filter feature to plan your trip, it can be found here: https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/attractions/#/expectant-mothers/ I love that you can filter by park to check on the attraction before waiting on line. Of course, all of our agents will assist in the planning of your fastpasses to make sure your attraction selections are consistent with avoiding expectant mother warnings! Although I missed some of the more crazy roller coasters, I took the time to go on a few attractions that I sometimes miss. For example, I saw the Beauty and the Beast stage show at Hollywood Studios! Usually that attraction is not a priority when Aerosmith is calling, but this trip made me a lifelong fan! It was a wonderful show.

3. You Can Take Your Time and Shop

I don’t know about you, but my husband has about a 20 second attention span for shopping. On this trip I got to finally take my time through the stores while some of the party was on Space Mountain! I enjoyed the air conditioning and all of the dreaming of a baby in Disney gear (my son has QUITE the wardrobe!)

4. You Can Get A Massage

We stayed at the Beach Club Resort and took advantage of the Ship Shape massage parlor and it was fantastic. I could get a massage because I had just entered my second trimester and it was such a relaxing experience. My massage therapist set me up with pillows to avoid lying on my stomach and it was a blissful 90 minutes. The facility was gorgeous and the hot shower with H20 products was the cherry on top of the relaxation sundae!

5. You Can Make an Adorable Birth Announcement

We still had family and friends who did not know we were expecting our first child so we wanted a picture for the Christmas cards that would show our Disney side. We got these ears made the first day and took photos around the park. These are my two favorites. The cast member who took this photopass picture spent a few extra minutes with us to set-up the perfect shot with the castle in the background. (Memory Maker is a GREAT investment). The photo by Walt’s quote was extra special for my family. Each trip we took to Disney when I was a child, my mom took a photo in the American Pavilion of my siblings and me. I am so excited to start this tradition with my son. This will always be his first “greatest natural resource” photo.

Liam’s first “Natural Resource” Photo

Our favorite Photopass picture!

6. You Can Wear Some Cute Gear

I could not wait to order gear that announced my pregnancy from the rooftops! There were so many options online and this is the shirt I loved the most. “Snacking for two” was the activity I was most excited about and I got so many compliments throughout the day from Disney cast members and guests. It was kind of like wearing a “happy birthday” pin! I love how all the cast members are excited to celebrate all milestones.

                       Snacking for two!

7. You Can Relax Poolside

We chose to stay at Disney’s Beach Club Resort while on our October trip. To be honest, this deluxe resort is typically a little out of our price range. However we were celebrating our “babymoon” and took advantage of Living with the Magic’s 2017 Fall Getaway exclusive rates and we prioritized a nice pool. In my 30 plus lifetime Disney trips, I think I have had about 3 days where I just stay at the pool as opposed to the parks. This trip, we took advantage of the beautiful Stormalong Bay to relax on the lazy river and read in the sun. I itched to go to the parks at first but after my second (!) treat from Beaches and Cream Soda Shop I got on board with Disney Resort Pool Life.

          Beaches and Cream Ice Cream Cone

I am overall pleasantly surprised with all the activities in which I could participate while pregnant at Disney World. I definitely recommend taking your time and slowing down while experiencing this special time in your life, but stopping and taking in all the parks and pools and snacks have to offer is wonderful! My favorite part, though? Dreaming of my next trip (Fall Getaway 2018!) where I can experience the wine portion of the Food and Wine Festival and, most importantly, cuddle my baby boy under the fireworks.

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