30 Days of Disney - We are leaving...on a jet plane!

Can you believe it...we leave TOMORROW!! I'm so excited but we have SO much to do today. I thought it might be fun to share what our last day before vacation looks like...or rather, our to-do and last minute packing list!
I don't know how families with more than 2 kids keep up with laundry..holy cow! I have a last minute load or two to wash before we leave so that everyone has enough underwear, bibs, favorite princess dress, etc.

No one wants to come home to a messy house so I want to clean up a few things before we go...like mopping, vacuuming, making beds and just general picking up. That when we get home we only have 1.28 million loads of laundry to do but the house will be clean!

Pack the Dog
Walter (Or Walter Woof Woof's as he's known around here) is heading to a neighbors house for the week. The slightest mention of the neighbor (Bob Bob and Shelby...Shelby is a dog, not the wife) and he goes NUTS!  I need to make sure his tub of food, dog dishes and leash are ready. He'll get picked up after we leave which is kind of nice....or rather totally awesome of our neighbor.

So I haven't shared that hubby lost his wallet last week...yes a week before we leave he has no current drivers license. We are NOT panicking though! TSA will allow him through with extra screening AND we are bringing an expired license with us so he has photo ID.  We are bringing our marriage license and his birth certificate as well.

Combine that with copies of the girls birth certificates, my drivers license, boarding passes, Disney Documents, Magic Bands and more....well that's a list of things that I will be CHECKING TWICE before we leave for the airport...an hour and a half away!

I think I've packed and repacked the girls 3 times now. Do you know what the hard part is about taking TWO girls in December?  The first is layers, layers, layers. It will be nice during the day (upper 60's/low 70's) BUT at night it will be chilly. They have everything from shorts (my littlest gets HOT) to pants and hoodies.   Now through in about a zillion princess dresses, pajamas, underwear...and yea, they have the biggest suitcase in the house!

Combine that with still having to finish packing me and the hubby! I feel like we are putting the entire house into a few suitcases!

Not to forget
Besides documents, clean underwear and god forbid...the princess dresses, there is a list of things I can't forget.
  • Regular and portable cell charger
  • Laptop (yup I'm working next week)
  • Dramamine for the plane
  • Magic Bands
  • Finley's Scout Puppy and Zipadeezip Slumber Sacks so she can sleep at night
Well with lots to do I better stop blogging and get to it! Thanks for following along with my 30 Days of Disney series! Be sure to follow me on Facebook and Instagram for live updates while we are gone. Oh and stay tuned as there are some big changes coming to the blog!!

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30 Days of Disney - Day 8

We've come to the sad part about vacation...leaving!!  Day 8 is our last day at Disney and not much is planned.   I thought it might be fun to show you what your departure day looks like.

Airport Check-in
One of the coolest things the Disney resorts offer is Airport check-in You must be flying AirTran, Alaska, American, Delta, JetBlue, Southwest, United and USAirways. All domestic (inside the US) flights qualify. Some international flights on these airlines now also qualify, from some resorts. Ask at the check-in desk.

So how does it work? At least 3 hours prior to flight time, check-in at the Airport Check-in counter. You'll check in to your flight just like you were at the airport. They'll take your luggage and provide you with your boarding passes. All the same rules apply...be sure you have ID.

Then when you arrive at the airport, just head through security to your gate. Your luggage will meet you when you get home!

Magical Express
Magical Express picks you up approximately 3 hours prior to flight departure. Even if you rent a car you'll need to leave about 2.5 hours prior so let Disney do the driving. This is good to remember if you are planning on sneaking in a little park time!

We are currently debating what to do.  We already have 6 day tickets so adding a 7th is only $10 per person plus tax! If we can sneak in a little more Magic Kingdom time...we just might. Magical Express won't be picking us up until about 12:30 p.m.

Plan B is to grab some breakfast, take our time packing and just enjoy the resort for a few more hours. Then it's homeward bound!

Tomorrow is the last 30 Days of Disney post..stay tuned!

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30 Days of Disney - Hollywood Studios with a Toddler

This is the last in my 4 part series of Toddler's at Walt Disney World.  Today we take on Hollywood Studios.

30 Days of Disney - Day 7

Day 7 of our Holly Jolly Christmas vacation is our last full park day...I know! It's sad right?  Well we saved one of our favorite things for last.  Day 7 we are heading to Hollywood Studios!  You might be wondering...but Amanda, Hollywood Studios is NOT your favorite park.  And my friend, you would be right, however it's the Christmas season and there is a great reason to leave this park for last! 

We'll be starting out pretty early today so we can try and head to Rock N' Roller Coaster first thing. During this trip we didn't use our Fastpass+ experiences on anything for the adults so we are sneaking those in when we have time.  Later that morning we have Fastpass's for Toy Story Mania as well as For the First Time In Forever; A Frozen Sing-a-long.  After lunch we'll be heading to Disney Junior - Live on Stage! This will be a first for us and I'm so excited for the girls. Plus we are hoping to meet Sophia while we are over there.

During the afternoon we'll catch a few shows, meet a few characters...and then...when it finally gets dark...we'll get to see Osborne Family Light Spectacular!!  Kennedy's favorite thing right now is to drive around the neighborhood and look at Christmas lights so I know this will just blow her socks off!  If you haven't been before, Osborne Family Lights is more Christmas lights than you've ever seen...all set to dancing music...WITH SNOW!! It's the ultimate Christmas experience and the best way to spend the last night at Disney. Plus since the lights start at dark and it's a walk-through, we won't have a super late night and can get ready for our last day.


That just leaves ONE day of our vacation left!
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30 Days of Disney - Animal Kingdom with a Toddler

Animal Kingdom is one of our favorite places to be. You've heard me talk about it on the blog numerous times, our wedding reception was held here...it's just a place we love to hang out, eat and of course, see all the attractions!