30 Days of Disney - Park Hopping

One thing that surprises a lot of my new clients is my opinion on park hopping. Many first timers to Disney are told they MUST have it, while others don't realize that it's an option that you can take off your ticket!

30 Days of Disney - Day 3

A lot of times when I'm planning itineraries, there can be several variations before the final draft.  That same process holds true when it came to my own family...and more importantly my husband.   Our original plan had us arriving on Sunday, so Monday would have been our first official day.  There are a few things my husband loves to do on our Disney trips...and that includes both starting and ending our trip at the Magic Kingdom. So despite going against my recommendations, we are heading to the Magic Kingdom...on a Monday.

30 Days of Disney - EPCOT With a Toddler

Around here we talk about EPCOT a lot. While I hope that I have changed the perception of the park for some of my clients, it's still a popular topic. People feel it's too boring or adult centered and they don't want to "waste" their time.  So for today's 30 Days of Disney Post...I'm going to share a bit more about why we are planning TWO days at EPCOT with our toddler!

30 Days of Disney - Wegoshop.com

Today's post is more of a quick tip than anything else.  When we go to Disney we always use a Grocery Delivery service if we aren't renting a car.  We ARE renting a car this trip so we more than likely will just be making a stop ourselves but since most of my clients use Magical Express this information is important!

So why use a grocery delivery service when you go to Disney you might ask? Well there are a few reasons!

Even if you have the dining plan, grocery deliver can get you some very important items!
  • Baby items like formula, diapers, wipes and baby food so you don't have to drag it all to Florida!
  • Bottled water...a case of bottled water is so much cheaper than buying it in the parks
  • Breakfast items. We grab a quick breakfast in the parks and use our dining plan credits later in the day...a better bang for your buck!
There is a fee for the services but it's cheaper than renting a car. I also have to add their customer service is AMAZING! I used a different service years ago and Wegoshop.com wins, HANDS DOWN!

Up to $50.00$19.00 shop & delivery service fee
Between $50.00 and $100.00$24.00 shop & delivery service fee
Between $100.00 and $200.00$29.00 shop & delivery service fee
Between $200.00 and $300.00$39.00 shop & delivery service fee
Over $300.0013% of grocery receipt(s) total, shop & delivery service fee

Shopping at more than 1 store is an additional $5 per store. 10% gratuity is added for orders left at bell services. Tipping outside of that is optional.

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30 Days of Disney - Traveling with Babies

While we have traveled with a baby before (I even wrote about it here) we have never traveled with a baby AND a Toddler. Many people ask us...are you taking the baby too? OF COURSE!! Here my top 10 tips and info for traveling with little ones!

1) Most airlines will check your car seats for little or no cost. It's a hassle to bring the car seats BUT some car rental companies can charge you...Alamo wanted $10 per DAY so it adds up fast! Most airlines don't charge a fee to check car seats (and we'll gate check our stroller), but check with yours!

2) Many people opt to rent a stroller when they arrive. We bring ours with us. While it does have to be folded up to go through Security, it will keep both girls in place when we need them to be. Plus we can easily gate check-it...making it a bit faster when we arrive at the airport in Orlando to get off and running!

3) If you aren't renting a car, consider using a grocery deliver services. We'll be picking up the following:
  • Diapers  and Wipes(too many too pick since we are there for 8 days)
  • Formula (too heavy to pack...we'll bring enough for the flight)
  • Bottled water (much cheaper than buying in the parks)
  • Breakfast items (we'll eat a quick breakfast in the room and then use our dining plan for lunch and dinner)
  • Snacks (a few things for the baby to have on hand for meals and in the parks)
4)  Be Flexible...but know what works for your family. My girls are very adaptable...Kennedy has traveled quite a bit. We don't stick to their normal routines while on vacation. They'll sleep in the stroller on more than one occasion. There will be late bed times.  

5) Know where the Baby Care Centers are as well as the First Aid Stations.  The Baby Care Centers are stocked with everything you  might need (and might not know you need). They are also a cool, calm place to go if your baby gets overwhelmed or maybe just needs to be rocked for a little while. 

6) Take advantage of Rider Swap so you don't have to miss out! Rider Swap is an awesome FREE feature that allows everyone to ride. Read about it HERE.

7) Consider using your Fastpass's on non Family friends rides in combination with Rider Swap. It could speed up the time your baby needs to wait.

8) Remember that character meals can take 60-90 minutes...not all babies have the tolerance to sit through a meal that long. Plus some aren't fans of the Characters at that age so avoid planning too many.

9) Kids under 3 are free...that means you don't have to pay for a ticket or a dining plan.  You'll do best at buffet and family style meals since kids under 3 can eat off your plate.  If your little one is a bit eater (mine is) make sure you budget for extra food.

10) Disney offers Pack-n-Plays. If you are not staying in a Villa be sure to request one in advance.  We prefer to bring an extra blanket for some cushion and our own sheet.

Disney is an amazing place for little ones with all the lights, colors and sounds. Even if they don't remember it, the memories you make with them will last a lifetime for you!
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