First Time Cruisers Chat: October 2014

If you've never been on a Disney cruise, it can be a little overwhelming to plan. It's a completely different type of vacation unlike any other! I want to help answer all your questions so I'll be hosting a LIVE chat on Facebook to answer all the questions you have about a Disney vacation! How does it work? Simple!

  1. Log-on to Facebook
  2. Go to
  3. The first post will be the picture above. Simply post your question and I will reply instantly! Plus follow along as other's post their questions
  4. All questions and answers will be posted on the blog after the LIVE chat if you miss it!
Hope to see you then!

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Fight Like a Girl!

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Early 2015 Walt Disney World Discounts

It's that time again! Discounts have been released for the New Year! There are 2 great discounts!

Stay, Play and Dine
 This is a general discount that saves you on packages that include tickets and dining.It is available from December 14-20 and also January 5- March 7. There is a Minimum 3 night stay and 2 day Magic Your Way tickets are required.

Room Only
Room Discount Dates January 5-March 28

Save up to 30% at Deluxes
Up to 25% at Moderates (20% on weekends)
Up to 20% (15% on weekends) at Values.

Book through December 29
Certain resorts are excluded. Exclusions: Art of Animation Little Mermaid, VGF Villas, BLT, Polynesian Villas, Bungalows, Campsites

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Happily Ever After

I've said it before...I love what I do. I've been able to do some amazing things, and help some truly deserving people create memories that last a lifetime. Today I want to share one of those moments with you.

Last year a very good friend of mine contacted me about planning a trip to Walt Disney World...we'll call him B. B and I had worked together at  MGM Studios...back when it was still MGM. We had some of the best times together at a point in my life where I have some of the fondest memories.

Guest Post-Cruise to Alaska

There is so much to see and do on an Alaskan Disney Cruise. We all know of the amazing things to do on the fabulous Disney Cruise line ships, but what about the  excursions? We did two excursions that I will NEVER forget and would love to share with you.

So let’s go over the who, what, where, when, and why. This cruise was all about the adults. It was myself, my husband, and his parents. The excursions we decided to do were, The Musher’s Camp Retreat and Mountain Point Snorkel Adventure. (That’s right I said Snorkel!). The Musher’s Camp was in Skagway our first port of call, and Mountain Point Snorkel was in our last port of call, Ketchikan. I will get into the “why” at the end of this blog post.

The Musher’s Camp Retreat was like three excursions in one! We took a small bus to the base of a mountain. It was about a half an hour ride and through the whole thing we received a narrated tour of Skagway and the Chilkoot pass. Once you arrive at the base of the Mountain the bus can’t make it up the rest of the way so you board what I believe is called an Omnirover. Whatever it was called it was kick butt! The way up, and down, was a little scary but the amount of beautiful rainforest you see through the mountain is unbelievable.

The ride alone was worth the money for this excursion. After your off roading trek up the mountain you are greeted by sleds and really loud, excited, adorable, dog sled teams! I don’t want to give too much away about the experience but the ride on the sled, talking with the mushers, and the really fun, super fluffy, and absolutely adorable finale to the excursion are something I will cherish forever! All in all this was a GREAT excursion for all ages! I would recommend it to any dog lover or lover of Alaskan mushing history.

Mountain Point Snorkel Adventure is one of the most amazing things I have done in my entire life. My husband would also agree! Now, we got plenty of looks from people including my in laws, and questions like “Are you crazy?”. But I would do it again in a heart beat and honestly wish I could! Like the Mushers Camp excursion, you board a bus and have a guided tour through Ketchikan. I have to say, I think Ketchikan was my favorite port. We arrived at the Snorkel Alaska base where we were fitted for wet suites.

This in itself was an experience. I’m not going to lie, it was hard! Make sure you are honest when they ask your height and weight. HA! After you are in your suit, you are given flippers, snorkel, mask, and gloves. You board the bus again and are brought to Mountain Point Cove. There is a brief hike down to the rocky beach but nothing too intense. You’re given safety instructions and then you’re off in the water! I’m sure the biggest question on all of your mind is “Well, were you cold???” Absolutely not! The wet suit allows water in but not out, so with in 10 seconds your body temperature warms the water in your wet suit and you’re basically swimming in a bathtub! The instructors were fabulous and brought all kinds of interesting sea creatures to the surface for everyone to touch and hold. You could really see that all of the instructors really loved their jobs.

Keep in mind this is not the Caribbean. The things you see are very different and visibility is not the same, however the amazing experience is there! I would also point out that this is not for everyone. I would urge all participants to be in good physical condition, putting on the wet suit is a workout in itself and due to the thickness of the wet suit swimming is harder that normal. I also would say that if you’re going to bring a child I wouldn’t bring anyone under the age of 12. We had one child on our excursion that was under the age of 12 and the whole thing was very overwhelming for him. The
instructors were great with him but it definitely wasn’t the best scenario. If you have kiddos, you know them better than anyone, if you think this will be something they will enjoy, go for it, if not I would skip it until they’re older.

We picked these excursions because when else are you going to be a musher? Or snorkel in Alaska? All of the excursions offered in Alaska I’m sure are unforgettable. There are some that I saw that put you in a helicopter and landed on a glacier. However, the two that we did were cost effective, didn’t take up the whole day at any port so you had time to explore, and absolutely gave the most bang for your buck! If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me via twitter, facebook, or email!

Happy Cruising!
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