Meet Our Vacation planners

Amanda Mann - Rochester, NY


My name is Amanda and I am the owner of Living With The Magic Vacations!   I have a love and passion for helping families find the perfect vacation! From the complexities of a Walt Disney World or Universal Studios vacation to something more laid back, like Disney Cruise Line, Sandals or Beaches…you name it and I can assist. Vacation should be the most relaxing thing you do but with an overwhelming amount of information on the internet, it’s often not! Let me take the stress out of planning that perfect vacation!

Megan Keebaugh - Loudon, VA

Lead Concierge Travel Manager

Hi! I’m Megan, Concierge Travel Planner and Managing with Living with the Magic Vacations. From the age of 2 most of my family vacations were to Disney World, which is where my love for everything Disney began. I currently live in Loudoun County, VA with my husband, our sons and daughter. After meeting my husband I introduced him to the world of Disney vacations, and not surprisingly he fell in love with it just as much as I did. In 2012 we were married and honeymooned in Disney World and now love sharing our love of Disney and Disney vacations with our kids!

Aly Hirst- Gilbertsville, PA

Travel Planner

Hi, I’m Aly Hirst, Lead Travel Planner with Living with the Magic Vacations! For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a Disney-obsessed gal. Even though I didn’t take many Disney vacations growing up, I can remember requesting the old vacation planning videos that Disney use to send in the mail; I would watch them over and over again to learn every nook and cranny of the Walt Disney World Resort as well as the Disneyland Resort and Disney Cruise Lines. I was thrilled to be given the opportunity in college to participate in the Disney College Program for a semester – who didn’t want to spend a semester of college living and working at the Walt Disney World Resort? (Bonus for me – I moved down to Orlando in January that year so it was the best winter escape for me from snowy New England!) 

Andrea Trelles -Severna Park, MD

Travel Planner & Certified Autism Travel Professional™

HI! I am Andrea Trelles, Lead Travel Planner with Living with the Magic Vacations. I love to travel and I LOVE all things Disney.   Growing up in Florida, my family and I visited Walt Disney World several times a year. From riding 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea to visiting Mickey Mouse and eating our way through Epcot, our family time was magical each visit. Though the attractions have changed over the years, the real magic of Disney has not. Bringing families together and making memories for a lifetime is true joy.  I have enjoyed taking my husband and then my own family to Disney over the last 17 years and making new memories. We hugged Mickey and every Princess on my twins first visit at age 3. We welcomed my husband home from a deployment and surprised our kids with a little help from Darth Vader and the Jedi at Hollywood Studios. And I cried a flood of tears watching my son with autism watch fireworks for the very first time in the park! As a homeschool mom we have completed many lessons at the Magic Kingdom and Epcot – there is so much to learn and discover in the parks. My family has thoroughly enjoyed our Disney Cruises as well, snorkeling in sparkling waters and even swimming with dolphins and sea lions!

Kelly Van Eerden - Jenison, MI

Lead Travel Planner

Hi! I’m Kelly Van Eerden, a Lead Travel Planner with Living with the Magic Vacations. I currently live in Jenison, Michigan with my husband, daughter, and son We love to travel and one of our favorite destinations is Walt Disney World.  I grew up visiting Walt Disney World with my family and continued the tradition with my children.  From the first time they saw Cinderella’s Castle at the age of 4 and 7, they were hooked and still are 13 years later!  As the kids have grown up, we have continued to explore new destinations as well. We went to Universal Orlando as a family in 2019 and on our first Disney Cruise in 2020.  We look forward to exploring more destinations as a family this coming year.  I love being able to get away as a family to relax and recharge from the day to day activities that keep us busy.

Lauren Pettis - Locust Grove, VA

Travel Planner

Hi! My name is Lauren Pettis, and I am a travel Plannerwith Living With The Magic Vacations. I grew up going to Walt Disney World for family vacations, and the magic that I felt as a child has never dissipated! Since having my son, however, my love of Disney has grown even stronger as I’m able to relive it all through his eyes. Travel has always been a passion of mine, and I strongly believe the experience of traveling and all that comes with it (family memories, exposure to other cultures, different cuisines, etc.) is the greatest gift we can give our children. I have planned numerous vacations across the country and internationally with our now two-year-old son, so I understand how to design an adventure-filled or relaxing vacation with the whole family in mind. I’d be honored to help you plan the vacation of your

Sarah Tickner - Kansas City, MO

Travel Planner

Hi! I’m Sarah!  I grew up as a fan of Disney but only made it to the parks once as a child. But ever since my husband and I decided to get married in Disney, we have made up for my lack of trips as a kid. The obsession really started when I was hired as a Cast Member for the Disney Store. Ever since that time, I have made about 8 trips and stayed at 10 of the Disney resorts, with a goal of staying at all of them someday. Being a Cast Member allowed me to bring Disney Magic to those who may not have had a chance to experience the magic at the parks.

Leigh Connelly - Jersey City, NJ

Travel Planner& Certified Autism Travel Professional™

Hi! I’m Leigh Connelly, a travel Planner with Living with the Magic Vacations. My love of Disney World began with my first trip at age two. Since then, I have been back more times than I can count and love balancing old favorite Disney stops with new attractions and restaurants. My love of Disney was renewed in 2009 when I completed my first Run Disney race and I got to high five Mickey as I crossed the finish line.


Stephanie Rose - St. Louis, MO

Travel Planner

Hi, I’m Stephanie a travel Planner with Living With The Magic Vacations. I’ve always enjoyed traveling, planning vacations for friends and family and LOVE itineraries. I went to Disney World a few times as a child but my love for all things Disney became a passion in 2013 when my Husband and I took our children for the first time. I have been back several times since then, each time more magical then the last and I can never wait to go back. It’s the Disney experience that makes all the difference and that attention to detail is what I strive for with my clients.

Amy Smith - Lima, NY

Travel Planner

Hi! I am Amy Smith, a travel Planner with Living With The Magic Vacations.  My first visit to Walt Disney World was as a young adult.  I will never forget the magic of that very first trip!  Since then I have visited Walt Disney World more than 20 times, spending a week or more at each visit.  Taking my children year after year has given our family memories that we will cherish forever! I have experienced Disney with young children, teens, and young adults. My husband and I have  recently visited without our children, giving us a more romantic getaway.  Over the years I have learned many tips and tricks that have helped our family get the most out of our Disney vacation, including resort, park, fastpass, and dining tips.  Disney has changed and grown and I have grown with it.  I look forward to hearing about your family’s wishes for a Magical Disney vacation and helping you create your own lasting memories!

Melanie Frodel - Meriden, CT

Travel Planner

Hello, I’m Melanie Frodel, your Living With The Magic Vacations Travel Planner. From my
first visit as a little girl with my mom, to today, with my own family, I’ve loved Disney.
Every time I take a trip, I plan on doing something different; be it staying at a new hotel,
visiting the newest park attraction or one of the many fine dining restaurants, I want to
see it all and take in as much as possible. Planning a trip to Disney, by yourself, can be
overwhelming. I’m here to put you at ease. Let me help you make wonderful memories.
After all, they call it the “Happiest Place on Earth” for a reason. I’ll be sure to fulfill your

Kelsey Goodnight - sterling, va

Travel Planner

Hi! I’m Kelsey Goodnight, a Travel Plannerwith Living With The Magic Vacations. I grew up loving all things Disney, but never had the chance to experience the real magic that is a Disney Park, until my husband took me for my first trip about 7 years ago. Since our first trip together, I have been hooked! I have now traveled to Walt Disney World 7 times, and I have been able to experience something new on each and every trip. I LOVE planning our trips and I always get a little disappointed when the planning stage is over. I have helped family members plan their trips, and I love seeing them experience the Disney magic for the first time.

Beth Chatterton - Salisbury, MD

Concierge Travel Planner

Hi!  I’m Beth, Travel Planner with Living with the Magic Vacations!  I visited Disney World once as a child, but my obsession didn’t begin until the first trip my husband and I took with our oldest daughter in 2006.  Since then we’ve taken every opportunity possible to visit with our 3 girls, from a single day at Magic Kingdom with family after my brother-in-law’s wedding to our most recent trip when we surprised the girls by adding a family vacation onto the end of my oldest daughter’s girl scout trip to Disney.  It helps that my husband loves Disney as much as I do!  I’ve explored Disney World with 1 toddler and 20 teens, each experience was unique and so much fun!

Melissa Cameron - Pelham, NH

Travel Planner

Hi! I’m Melissa, a travel Planner with Living With The Magic Vacations. Growing up in Paris, France I was lucky enough to take countless trips to Disneyland Paris. It is a place that holds so many special memories for me! When I got married, neither my husband or I had been to a Disney Park as adults. We went for the first time together in 2015 and have been back every year since! I believe in the magic of Disney. Whether it’s a hug from Mickey or rides that make you smile until your cheeks are sore, there is something for everyone to enjoy!

Stacy Cook - Pottstown, PA

Travel Planner

Hi!  My name is Stacy Cook and I am a Travel Planner with Living with the Magic Vacations!  I have always had a love for all things Disney, but my love for Walt Disney World began in 2013 when I planned a trip for my boyfriend (now husband), on his first trip to Disney World.  We had such a magical experience that we have returned every year since (7 times!), and set sail aboard Disney’s Fantasy cruise ship. We became engaged and celebrated a magical Disney Fairytale Wedding and honeymoon in Walt Disney World in 2016.  We also have many more trips planned for the future to multiple Disney Destinations.

Teresa Rickett - Plainfield, IL

Travel Planner

Hi, I’m Teresa, a Travel Planner with Living With The Magic Vacations. My first adult trip to Disney was in 2015, with my husband and two princesses.  Ever since then my family is all Disney all the time! We frequent the parks twice a year sometimes more! I research all the latest news and deals from Disney on a daily basis. I can’t wait to help you plan the Disney trip of your dreams, and ensure your family has nothing short of a magical time!

Kristy Binns - Rogers, AR

Travel Planner

Hi! I am Kristy Binns, Travel Planner for Living With The Magic. I am married with 3 boys. My first trip to Walt Disney World was as a child, and I have been back many times in various stages of my life. I love Disney vacations, I have been to Walt Disney World, Disneyland, and Disney Cruise Line. I am a details person and love planning vacations. I can’t wait to help you and your family have an amazing vacation with many lasting memories. Whether you would like to go on a Disney vacation, Universal Resort in Orlando, all-inclusive beach vacation in the Caribbean, or on a cruise I can help!

Colleen Hughson - Newark, NY

Travel Planner

Hello There! My name is Colleen Hughson, and I’m a travel planner with Living With The Magic Vacations! I am a mom of three silly, imaginative and rambunctious children. When I’m not chasing my little humans around, I help people like you create vacation getaways. I keep up on the latest guidelines, tips and tricks for maximizing your vacations. My specialties include: family vacations, couple retreats and even quick get aways! Of all types of vacations to choose from, my favorite destination is anything related to Disney World.

Courtney Davis - Aledo, TX

Travel Planner

Hi! I’m Courtney, a Travel Planner with Living With The Magic Vacations. Growing up I have always loved Disney. My dad and I would always watch Cinderella together. That is a bond that I would never forget. I didn’t get the chance to experience Disney World at a young age, but when I went with my family in 2016, It was something that I will always cherish. Ever since my first trip, I knew right away that I wanted my kids to experience Disney World at a young age. With the times that I have been going to Disney I made sure to experience something new at the parks during each visit. That is why I love Disney World, because it never gets old and there is always something new to experience! I love that my husband loves Disney as much as I do! 

Marc Weimann - Bargersville, IN

Travel Planner

Hi! I’m Marc Weimann, a Travel Planner with Living with the Magic Vacations. I have been a Disney Fan since the 70‘s when my family would make frequent trips to Disney World from my hometown in Vero Beach, FL.  I remember passing by the Polynesian and Contemporary Hotels hoping that one day I would be able to stay on Disney property. 

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