What Andrea's Clients Are Saying!

Andrea is patient, friendly, and professional. She gives her clients the best advise and all the time they need to make sure their questions are answered and that she plans for them the best vacation ever, taking into consideration the needs of each family. She’s planned for us our cruises and I am a mess with Apps and such and she makes me feel that I’m important and she’s happy to help me. She doesn’t rush you and gives you her undivided attention. She’s the best and I hope her company knows what an asset she is and gives her recognition. Thank you, Andrea, for being a great agent.

-Cecile T.

Andrea rocks when it comes to planning a vacation. We wanted to do part land and part cruise in Alaska. She made it possible and the transitions between each was well done. We got our road, rail, and cruise. Living With the Magic is a great place to start planning a trip.

Louella L.

Andrea’s help with my trip to Disney World was invaluable. She helped with hotel and dining reservations and made the entire experience so easy and stress-free. Even while we were on our trip she was texting me and helping us to secure and change dining reservations. Working with Andrea was a delight and we will surely work with her again in the future. THANK YOU!!

-Sara Y.

I cannot say enough good things about using Andrea for our family trip to Disney & Discovery Cove . She held my hand through everything, answered every single question ( I ask a lot of questions), and gave me suggestions of things to do that I would have never thought of doing . She genuinely wanted to make sure our family had an amazing trip, and that’s just what we did !
Thank you Andrea !

-Heidi S.

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Andrea was such a huge help. From all the planning to get us there, to explaining again how meal credits work and finding us charging stations in each park. She answered so many little questions with such enthusiasm and love. We will definitely use her again!

-Lori S.

I was impressed with Andrea’s services. The speed of her responses to my questions caught me by surprise several times. She is a great communicator and definitely exceeded my expectations. We were very pleased with her dining recommendations. Overall, a great experience.

Devan L.

This was such a fun honeymoon. Andrea was always around when me and my husband needed her on site. She took care of everything we needed. We will definitely book with Andrea for our second trip!


Andrea has done a great job planning our Disney vacation. We prefer a slower pace, but we want our large family to experience the magic of Disney. Andrea listened to our needs and found us a great compromise by booking a retreat in Fort Wilderness to balance the energetic fun of Disney. With her itinerary planning service, we didn’t have the extra stress of doing research before our big trip. I was so excited to hop in the car and enjoy the magic at our pace. Our trip itinerary and fast passes helped us to have a great time while we were in the parks because we didn’t have to spend all our time on our devices trying to figure out how to make the most of our vacation. I’ll definitely use Andrea next time I want to plan a trip. Next time might be a cruise.

Alexis G.

Andrea is AMAZING! She worked very hard and got us everything we wanted in our trip. Even when we changed our minds on something, she did it for us. She is a very genuine person and love to help people achieve their perfect vacation.

-Stephanie G.

Andrea was amazing helping us to plan our first Disney World Vacation. She was always quick to respond with my numerous questions and changes. She gave me so much advice and insight. I don’t know how we could have taken the trip without her!

-Tara M.