That’s right, traveling will change your brain! When you go out of your comfort zone and try new experiences, your brain reawakens. Are you constantly going through the same motions in your daily routine? If so, your brain isn’t necessarily challenged. When you travel, you are meeting new people and see new things, and your environment is different. Your daily routine is shaken up and this diversity keeps your brain active. You will have a whole new sense of happiness and motivation. The more that you travel the happier you will feel. You will begin to think clearer and deeper and even come up with better ideas! Exploring new environments will keep your brain happy and healthy! 

When you travel and feel nervous or face obstacles like flight delays, lost baggage or incidents that are not as relaxing, your brain is actually still growing and changing. These moments promote growth and increase your problem-solving skills.  So if these situations happen, try to remember there is still good even though it may not feel that way.

If you find yourself stuck in the same routines, consider taking an annual trip to change things up and more importantly, positively impact your overall health. 


DEANNA WASLEY  - Rochester, NY


Travel Advisor

She’s a Disney and Universal enthusiast as well as a mother to three beautiful daughters who loves to explore the world. She loves to learn new things, explore, and meet new people. Planning vacations brings her so much happiness; it’s safe to say that she loves all things travel.

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