5 tips to save money on your Disney vacation

  1. Stay at a value resort. 

This is a no-brainer to save a ton of money. By staying at one of these resorts you can be saving hundreds of dollars per night on your vacation. Unless you are planning on being at your resort for the majority of your days, where you may want the nicer amenities like pools and table service restaurants, the value resorts provide a clean and comfortable place to rest your head at the end of the day. Most of the time, especially on your first trip, you won’t see the inside of your room much as you will be in the parks.

  1. Drink water in the parks! 

Not only do you need to stay hydrated in the hot Florida sun, but quick service restaurants all around Disney property will give you a free cup of water if you ask. Better yet, bring an insulated bottle with you, and fill it up with ice and water every chance you get. You will keep your water intake high, and save some money (and the environment) by not buying single bottles of water every time! 

  1. Go during the off season. 

Most people will vacation around school breaks and holidays. You will see higher prices during the summer, around Easter/spring break, Thanksgiving and Christmas/New Year’s. The agents at Living with the Magic Vacations can help you find the right time for your family to travel during less peak times, saving you money! 

  1. Buy dress up clothes before traveling. 

Chances are, the little people in your life will want to dress up as their favorite princess, pirate, mouse, or what have you, when they get to the Most Magical Place on Earth. You can find awesome costumes at ShopDisney, oftentimes the same ones you will find at the parks. You can also support small businesses (WHICH WE LOVE) and buy from a small shop on Etsy, or local to you. You will probably save money with both of these options, and if you shop small, will often find a unique dress that not everyone will have. 

  1. Stay on Property. 

I know I already said to stay at a value resort, but no matter what resort category you decide to stay at, staying on property will save you lots of money! Not only do you get benefits like charging to your room, but Disney has transportation included! On property, there are buses, monorails, and boats to get you everywhere you need to go, free of charge! Buses, Boats and Monorails, OH MY!

What are some of your favorite money-saving tips when traveling to Disney?

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