In March 2020, we sailed for the first time as a family. We did not know we would be some of the last guests on the Disney Dream for over a year. When the opportunity arose to cruise again, we decided to go as a couple for some time away. From the moment we arrived at the port to board the Disney Fantasy, any worries about cruising during this time were put at ease. 

When we arrived at Port Canaveral, we were brought to the health tents to be tested for COVID. We were given a testing kit that included a pen, bag, test tube, and label. Once we were in our testing booth, we were given a swab to complete the test ourselves while the medical official watched. After we completed the test, we were given “Group A” and we went into the corresponding tent. The 45 minutes that followed seemed like forever but we were then given the green light to proceed.

After we made it through security, we were given a boarding group and boarded the ship. They had about 10 families board at a time where Mickey and Minnie welcomed you onto the ship with a brief show;  We were spaced out in the lobby to maintain social distancing.  

When the show was over, we were told to check into the emergency assembly station so we knew where to go in case of an emergency. They did not have us all meet at the same time like they used to. Prior to sailing, all services stopped on the ship and they had a safety information announcement. The instructions also played on the television in your room.  Keys were left at your stateroom to prevent backups from getting on the ship. 

Some other safety measures that Disney Cruise Line has  in place are: 

* Guests 12 and over are required to be vaccinated. Guests under the age of 12 must test 3 days prior to arrival.  

* Staggered fireworks for the guests. The first dining group watches them one night and the second dining group watches them a different time. 

* When watching shows on the deck, you are asked to stay on dots so they can ensure social distancing.  

* High traffic areas are constantly being cleaned. 

* Masks are required indoors on the ship and indoors on Castaway Cay. 

* One family or 2 individuals only are asked to be in the elevator at a time. 

* As it was before COVID, they have you wash your hands before entering food venues. 

* Soda, coffee, and ice cream are served for you. You no longer get your own. You can bring your own cup for drinks still, they will just fill it up using disposable cups. 

* Encouraged the use of the app for guest services, booking tours, etc to help prevent lines forming around the ship. 

I do believe that Disney has the best possible protocols in place to make the return to sailing as safe as possible. I was super impressed and we hope to sail with Disney Cruise Line again in the very near future!  

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