What is the best way to start your magical adventure at Walt Disney World?  Breakfast! And if you are adventuring, who is better to help you on your way than Rapunzel and Flynn and Ariel and Prince Eric?  

The Bon Voyage Breakfast has long been a family favorite, or at least since it started in 2017.  I also love this breakfast for girls only trips/racecations as well. Trattoria Al Forno is nestled in at the Boardwalk which makes it a hearty start for a day of exploring Epcot or wherever your travels find you going that day.  

This is a prix fixe menu with something for everyone (even super picky eaters can be accommodated).  It starts off with a frying pan full of yummy baked goods. Ranging from Rapizels braids (croissamts with chocolate chips)  and sun cookie , to a decorated clamshell, and rainbow sprinkled muffins.

The menu ranges from Pacal’s Palette (fruit and granola) to a tower of Pancakes to more adventurous seafaring options.  My daughter and I recently went and she decided on the Tower of pancakes and I chose the Swimmer’s Delight which is an egg white omelet with smoked salmon, goat cheeses, spinach and mushrooms. Both of those were amazing.  

If you have a picky eater and there is nothing on the menu that is workable the staff will do their best at suggesting other options.  My son ended up esting the pastries and had a bowl of bacon the size of his head.

The appeal to me is the characters themselves and having the chance to see Prince Eric and Flynn Rider is a huge plus since you can’t find them st the parks.

There is plenty of singing, fun details like the napkin sea creature parade around the restaurant, to the celebration song  (birthday, end of school, you name it you csn celebrate it). We happened to be there on my daughters half birthday so she celebrated that as well.  

If you are looking for a fun and adventurous way to start your day this is the way to do it.  Cute theming, rare character appearances and amazing food can be found in one location.

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