If there is one thing that Disney does well, it is theming. That is extremely evident in their restaurants and Sci-fi Diner is no exception.

My husband is a huge movie nerd, so when he found out about this place, it went right on the list. It can be a more difficult one to get, since there isn’t many options inside of Hollywood Studios at the moment. It took us a couple of trips to finally get a reservation time that worked for us, and now my hubby is insisting to go back, every. Single. Trip.

When you walk in, it might seem a little underwhelming. The waiting area inside is small, and you can’t see anything inside the restaurant. I won’t ruin the little backstory that we were given on the way back, but you enter into the eating area to an “outdoor”  movie drive-in, complete with cars! The cars serve as booths, and they play old sci-fi movie clips! They are super cheesy and wonderful!

I’ll admit, this isn’t the best picture of the food, but it is dimly lit in there, so you can enjoy the films. Everything from burgers, salads and pastas ensures there will be something for everyone here. Hubby and I decided to split the Drive-In BBQ burger, and we added an order of onion rings too!

The burger was very tasty, while the fries and rings, were just alright. We have heard time and time again, that we needed to get a milkshake here, and so we did! We decided to share the Oreo Milkshake and it was yummy! It was a thick well done milkshake…we probably should have each gotten our own as to not fight over the last sip.

Even though we split a meal we both left full and satisfied. It was such a cool environment, to sit under the “stars” all the while still inside. Between the atmosphere, the food and the old sci-fi movies, I would be surprised if everyone in your family didn’t love this place!

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