With 11 country pavilions in Epcot’s World Showcase, it is easy to spend an entire day roaming through them all. If there isn’t enough time to spend visiting each pavilion, check out the list below to see what countries you most want to check out on your next trip to Epcot.

11. Italy

There is no denying they have some great food options, but there is something missing from this country. There isn’t really any attractions located here, besides the street performers throughout the day. The stores are pretty small and don’t offer much, and what they do offer is expensive. There also isn’t a lot of resting spots, or shade meaning if its in the middle of the day, it is going to be hot. Italy does have some of the best architecture and a nice location by the lagoon, but besides the food, there isn’t much worth stopping here for.


10. Germany 

This country has some better shopping, here you can find a Christmas shop, a crystal shop, a shop offering authentic cuckoo clocks and those famous beer steins. The atmosphere of Biergarten, the table service available here, will transport you right to a Bavarian village complete with entertainment. Again, there is no main attraction here either, which tends to decrease time spent in the pavilion, but be sure to catch music outside, including yodelers, 5 days a week! 


9. United States 

The part that really pushes this pavilion down the list, is the food. There is so much more to offer from the United States than chicken nuggets and hamburgers. It doesn’t need a sit down option, but the menu needs to be jazzed up. Aside from the food, here you will find the Voices of Liberty and American Adventure, if nothing else it provides some relief from the heat.


8. Canada 

The scenery is beautiful in this pavilion! Take a stroll through this country and you will see different aspects of Canada’s wide array of landscapes. They even have a waterfall! One of the most requested restaurants on property, Le Cellier, is here and reservations can be difficult to get though meaning one of the big draws of this pavilion is off limits to many. Don’t let that deter spending time here as this pavilion offers a glimpse into the many things Canada offers.


7. China 

The showcase of this country is it’s architecture, anyone would be hard pressed to walk by this pavilion and not notice the Zhao Yang Men (The Gate of the Golden Sun) and the replica of the Temple to Heaven, which showcases the attraction “Reflections of China”. Also found here is a scaled down version of the terracotta army. There is a lot to look at, both outside and in the shops, even in this somewhat seemingly small pavilion.  


6. Mexico 

There is no denying that Mexico is popular. It is usually the first pavilion most people will visit. The drawbacks to this pavilion is the size inside the pyramid. It is extremely cramped without much room to move around. With a restaurant, marketplace, attraction, and a tequila bar inside, it gets very crowded. That being said, the margaritas from the bar inside the pyramid are not to be missed and you can also meet Donald outside in his 3 Caballeros outfit. 


5. United Kingdom 

The quaint gardens and cobble stone streets really transport you when you visit this pavilion. There are some fabulous meet and greets like Alice and Mary Poppins, and there might even be a band playing throughout the day while relaxing in the gardens. Additionally, there is an English pub style restaurant and a quick service stop serving up fish and chips along with other quintessential British fare.


4. Norway 

After not feeling the love for quite some time, Norway is gaining its popularity back. The addition of Frozen Ever After, has brought people into Norway in droves. It also houses a meet and greet with none other than Anna and Elsa. On top of all that Akershus is also where you can dine with Disney Princesses and grab some school school bread at  Kringla Bakeri og Cafe. With it’s beautiful scenery, gallery, shop, food and main attraction, Norway has never been so popular.  


3. Morocco 

 This is perhaps one of the most underrated pavilions. This is the only pavilion that the government aided with the design. You will feel like you were transported into Morocco itself when walking through the winding skinny streets. With every pass through this pavilion there is sure to be something you didn’t see before. The restaurants are often praised for their excellent food and different offerings from “theme park food”.


2. France 

France boasts not 1 but 2 princess meet and greets, both Belle and Aurora can be found here. In the back of the pavilion there is a whole slew of French pastries and delectable treats like eclairs, croissants, and tarts, oh my! France is also home to some of the best drinks in the world (showcase)! The Grand Marnier slush, Grey Goose slush, Froze, there is even gelato topped with rum or vodka! On top of that, there are 2 fabulous sit down restaurants serving up all that delicious French food! This pavilion is truly a foodie dream come true!


1. Japan 

Even though there is no attraction in this pavilion, they make up for it in other ways. Probably the largest store located in the World Showcase,  it has one of the more unique shopping experiences, picking a pearl from an oyster and the Cast Members working certainly know how to make a good show of it. Also here, is the Matsuriza, which is Japanese taiko drumming, performed several times a day. It is hard to walk by the show without stopping to watch and listen. There is also an art gallery that displays both traditional and modern Japanese art, which offers a fantastic insight to the Japanese culture. There are also plenty of shaded areas around, making it a great location to get a break from the hot Florida sun.





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