My daughter LOVES to dress up…dress up and play pretend, just like a lot of other 5 year old little girls.  To this day she talks about that time we took her to Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique in the Magic Kingdom and she was made over into Cinderella.  For our last trip we were traveling with a friend and her family, which consisted of a little boy and little girl. Pirates League is the perfect destination if you have a prince AND a princess!!

We checked in and there was quite a bit of a wait…I think we probably waited for close to 30 minutes. That is where the disappointment ended…this experience was amazing!

Signing in
Taking his Pirate Oath

The interior was AMAZING and we all felt like we had stepped inside Pirates of the Caribbean!

To save a bit of money we opted for simpler outfits…mermaid t’s and shorts and skirts! Easy peasy!

It was time for her makeover! I can’t say enough good things about the “pirate” that gave Kennedy her makeover.  It was all very interactive and she shared with Kennedy her adventures!!

Nails done first!
They don’t get a full hair-do but they do get their hair pulled back from their face and an awesome hair clip that changes color in the sun!!
And of course…makeup!!
Checking herself out!
No makeover is complete without jewelry!
Partners in crime…even their shoes match!
The finished product!

Overall we LOVED This experience! It was unique and engaging and I really loved how much they interacted and made my daughter feel like she was becoming a mermaid!! It’s also relatively inexpensive compared to Bibbidi Bobbid (without having to buy a dress!). Plus Pirates League is often easier to book!!

Plus if you have Memory Maker, you get some awesome photos included!!

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